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At Double Bridges you will receive the very best training available. Whether you've never flown before, need immersion in an Airline Training Program (ATP), and training on everything in between, Double Bridges is Total Flight Training!

Pre-Flight Checks

We have everything you need to start flying. Pilot supplies, program materials, charts, etc. All you have to do is come ready to learn. Save time by downloading and printing our flight package. This contains all the documents and information you'll be required to provide prior to enrollment or aircraft rental.

We have added a Desktop Procedural Training Device that allows the student to keep themselves sharp and focused when poor weather makes it impractical to fly. This simulator immerses the student in a visually surrounded environment and can provide weather, traffic, and different time-of-day situations. Additionally, this simulator can be used with Ground Instruction to help keep costs down by providing ground based training of an in-flight scenario to sharpen skills needed during in-flight billed instruction.

Desktop Procedural Training Device

Price Schedule

Ground Instruction: $30.00 per Hour
Flight Instruction - Single Engine Land (SEL): $40.00 per Hour
Desktop Procedural Training Device: $15 per Hour
(plus Ground Instruction rate if applicable)

Aircraft Rates (All Rates are Wet)
Cessna 172/160hp: $125.00 per Hour
Piper Arrow 180: $145.00 per Hour

Visa & MasterCard Accepted

Prices subject to change without notice.

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