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At Double Bridges Aviation, we boast having some of the most experienced instructors in the business...period.

Many flight schools suffer from instructor turn over. Just when you are making progress and getting into the groove, your CFI announces, he or she is off to the airlines. This is disruptive to your training and you'll spend a few un-scheduled hours getting back in sync again with your next CFI.

Our CFI's are here for the love of flight, and the art of instruction. They are truly dedicated to following thru on your training, right up to your checkride.

Paul Riley Mr.Paul Riley, Manager and Chief Flight Instructor at Double Bridges Aviation. Mr. Riley is a seasoned teaching professional with a passion for aviation. He has a diverse background which provides him with the ability to work with a wide variety of personalities and backgrounds.

A Certified Flight Instructor since 2005, and has logged over 7,000 flight hours. He has had an opportunity to fly and teach in a number of regions around the world which provides him with an understanding and appreciation for weather and challenges presented to pilots.

Mr.Riley is a retired U.S. Army veteran with over 25 years of Active Military experience. He is currently rated as a FAA certified instructor in both Fixed Wing and Helicopters, and also holds an ATP,CFII,AGI and IGI rating. A true aviation professional with over 25+ years experience in the Military,Corporate and General Aviation industries.

Les Brusse Mr. Les Brusse. Assistant Chief Flight Instructor at Double Bridges Aviation. Mr. Brusse has been instructing at DBA since 2001. He provides flight instruction from Private through Commercial and Instrument ratings in single engine airplanes,

His background includes flying and instructing in military helicopters and he is a Gold Seal Instructor. Mr. Brusse can provide instrument proficiency checks and rental checkouts as well as concentrated flight training towards a certificate or add-on rating to your Commercial Helicopter/Instrument certificate.

Brent Crock Mr. Bob Mitchell has worked for Double Bridges Aviation for the past 8 years and currently holds an ATP, CFI/CFII, MEI (Airplane) and CFI/CFII Rotorcraft-Helicopters. He has over 6,000 hours and 500 combat hours as a Battalion Commander during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Retired from the U.S. Army after 30 years, culminating in his last assignment as Director, Medical Evacuation Proponency and Aviation Consultant to the Army Surgeon General.

Brent Crock Mr. Brent Crock. FAA Certified Flight Instructor at Double Bridges Aviation. Mr. Crock is a certified instructor pilot for Single Engine Land, Helicopter and Instrument ratings.

Richard Klemm Mr. Richard Klemm. A Certified Flight Instructor at Double Bridges Aviation. Mr.Klemm is a retired military aviator with a Commercial Pilot Certificate,Airplane Single Engine, Multi-Engine Land, and Helicopter.

He is a Certificated Flight Instructor-Instrument with Airplane and Helicopter endorsements.


Joel Lancaster Mr. Joel Lancaster. Certified Flight Instructor at Double Bridges Aviation. Mr. Lancaster is a certified Airline Transport Pilot in Airplane Single Engine, Multi-Engine Land, and Helicopter.

He is a Certified Flight Instructor for Airplane Single Engine, Multi-Engine Land and Helicopter; and Instrument Instructor for Airplane and Helicopter.

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