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Cessna 172-FS Skyhawk   Cessna 172-FS Skyhawk
$125 per hour (wet)

Cessna 172-GB Skyhawk   Cessna 172-GB Skyhawk
$125 per hour (wet)

Cessna 172-5H Skyhawk   Cessna 172-5H Skyhawk
Equipped with HSI,
Garmin 480 WAAS/GPS,
NavCom KX-155 with Glide Slope,
KT76A Transponder,
PMA 7000 Audio Panel,
Four-Place Intercom,
and IFR Certified.
$135 per hour (wet)

PA-28-4J Piper Arrow   PA-28-4J Piper Arrow
$145 per hour (wet)

Additional aircraft are available, but are not pictured at this time.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
As always, contact us for latest pricing and availablity.

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